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Cirugía de Complicaciones Graves de la Cirugía Intraocular

Endophthalmitis (Endoftalmitis tras cirugía de catarata)

Endophthalmitis after cataract surgery with visual acuity Light Perception. I performed 25G PPV with thorough anterior, posterior and bag cleaning anf 25g ppv with intravitreal antibiotics. The final outcome was excellent with visual acuity 0.5.

Diego Ruiz Casas / VR Surgery
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Cirugía de la Hemorragia Supracoroidea

Choroidal Haemorrhage (Hemorragia Coroidea)

Kissing Choroidal haemorrhage after trabeculectomy. I drained as much choroidal blood as possible through radial sclerotomies and fixed retinal detachment with adherent retina. I left silicone oil, residual choridal blood was reabsorbed during the next month by itself.

Diego Ruiz Casas / VR Surgery
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