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Cirugía de la Coriorretinopatía Miópica

Foveoschisis Faco PPV (Foveosquisis Miópica / Facovitrectomía)

Myopic Foveoschisis with external macular hole treated with phako-ppv and ilm removal. Ilm peeling was performed in a very careful way to avoid full thickness macular hole and preserving foveal ilm.

Diego Ruiz Casas / VR Surgery
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Myopic Foveoschisis (Foveosquisis Miópica / Vitrectomía)

Myopic Patient with subluxated IOL and Myopic Foveoschisis treated with 23G PPV, IOL sulcus repositioning and epiretinal membrane and ilm peeling.

Diego Ruiz Casas / VR Surgery
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Agujero Macular Miópico

ILM Flap (Agujero Macular miope con foveosquisis / Vitrectomía y flap MLI)

Foveoschisis and Macular Hole in a highly Myopic patient. Patient was treated with complete macular ILM peeling and ILM Superior Flap in order to increase success rate in macular hole closing

Diego Ruiz Casas / VR Surgery
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Myopic MH RD (Desprendimiento de Retina por Agujero Macular Miope)

Myopic Macular Hole Retinal detachment. I operated with 23G PPV to be able to reach the posterior pole with my forceps. I performed PVD induction and Vitrectomy, I flattened the retina with PFCL in order to peel vitreoschisis, erm and ilm. I had to stain twice to be sure all traction was removed. I performed vitreous shaving, FAX and left gas.

Diego Ruiz Casas / VR Surgery
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