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Cirugía del Traumatismo Ocular

Dropped Lens and Iridoplasty (Nucleo Luxado / Vitrectomía e Iridoplastia)

Complicated cataract surgery with dropped lens fragments and iris traumatic resection. I treated the patient with ppv and dropped lens fragments removal, pdv induction and vitreous shaving. Then I implanted a 3-piece IOL in Sulcus with button.hole support and I repaired the iris with McCannel Iridoplasty.

Diego Ruiz Casas / VR Surgery
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Iridodialysis (Iridodialisis / Iridopexia)

Iridodialysis and Lens Fragments after complicated cataract surgery treated with 25G PPV, Sulcus IOL Implantation and Ab-Interno Iridopexia

Diego Ruiz Casas / VR Surgery
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Cirugía de los Traumatismos Oculares

Penetrating Ocular Trauma (Traumatismo Penetrante Ocular por Aguja Retrobulbar)

Penetrating ocular trauma due to retrobulbar needle in a highly myopic eye. I treated the patient with 25G vitrectomy, subretina blood removal, ilm and incipient membrane peeling, endolaser and silicone oil.

Diego Ruiz Casas / VR Surgery
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Ocular Rupture Vitrectomy (Rotura ocular por traumatismo / Vitrectomía)

Scleral Rupture and retinal incarceration after blunt trauma. It was treated with 23G PPV, lensectomy, retinotomy and silicone oil

Diego Ruiz Casas / VR Surgery
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Penetrating Trauma / Traumatismo Penetrante Ocular (Catarata e Iridectomía)

Eye trauma with sclero-corneal laceration, intumescent cataract, traumatic iridectomy and vitreous haemorrhage. I performed anterior lensectomy with capsular bag preservation due to massive zonular damage and anterior chamber vitreous prolapse. Then I performed complete vitrectomy and I implanted a capsular tension ring and a lens in the capsular bag. Finally I repaired iris defect and performed FAX.

Diego Ruiz Casas / VR Surgery
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